Learning to Trust My Intuition

So… I attended my first of four “Tarot Card Reading for Beginners” classes last night and can I just tell you guys, it! was! Life!  A few years ago I would have never been open to idea of learning about the Tarot, not to mention entertaining the idea of actually becoming a Tarot Card Interpreter…

Let the Healing Begin! …. well, let it resume.

We, women are rarely taught to practice self care. We can confidently encourage others to practice it but we, ourselves, rarely give ourselves permission to care for our own mind, body and spirit. If others deserve it, then I most certainly deserve it.

An INTJ Woman is Hard to Find, Literally!

We, INTJ unicorns, make up less than 1% of the human population?!…wow! THAT explains A LOT! For as long as I can remember I wondered why I felt so very different from others.  Like, really different not just some superficial, “I’ll outgrow this phase” kind of different.

Today I honor the OSHUN In Me

Part of my spiritual journey since deciding to step away from the christian church in 2013 has been to identify religious beliefs and practices that are more in line with my African descent. In my search, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover the African Spiritual Tradition of Yoruba which has felt more aligned with my…