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I help women heal generational trauma linked to their “mommy wounds” so they can show up in life as healthy + empowered.

Deneen Tyler BA MDiv.

What Are Others Saying about Offerings at Woman1sh Intuition ?

You are amazing! I so appreciate the tarot reading you shared with me last week. It felt to me like therapy meets creative problem solving, which I found to be a powerful combo. The themes that came up in our time together resonated strongly with me. Thank you for sharing your intuitive gifts—the world needs you right now! I’m working on moving from reflection into the action phase… it was a much needed kick in the a#%!

Kelly F, 2020 [Personal Tarot Reading]

My reading literally changed my life! Before my reading with Deneen, I felt lost in life. I was working hard, but my life was at a standstill. Everyday, I felt like I was stuck in quick sand fighting desperately to get out. The reading provided me with the clarity, support, and information that I needed to get unstuck. Deneen was so kind, professional, and supportive during my entire reading; which was about an hour!  I’m forever grateful for Deneen and will definitely continue to go to her for my tarot readings.

~ Monique B, April 2021 [Personal Tarot Reading]

Hi Deneen!

Thanks for being the vessel to deliver messages during today’s tarot. Through our Zoom reading we were able to connect and you were able to pick up on my energy in order to pull cards. I really enjoyed the reading and it helped me gain new perspective on a situation.  I will be back!!! Thanks and sending blessings your way!

~ Ebony G, July 2021 [Personal Tarot Reading]

Deneen has been a perfectly timed and well fitted guide in my life. Her tarot readings are among the Divine Communication messages I receive in my life, and her MDiv education is elegantly intertwined. Her training has nourished my faith after experiencing religious abuse. Above all, she always leaves me in the driver’s seat of my life with the way she reads the cards. I am making choices from an empowered state and have transformed for the better of all. Every time I come for a reading (devoted regular here) the cards accurately reflect my situation. Highly recommend her!

~Stephanie M. August 2021 [Personal Reading]

Through my reading, I was able to gain clarity on a soulmate connection that holds a large amount of significance. The way she read into my story without me being present is a testimony to her alignment with spirit. I am forever grateful. I now have the tools I need to continue on my self healing journey with confidence and groundedness! 

~ Sharron, November 2021 [Personal Reading]

I greatly appreciate all that you shared. You/ My Ancestors definitely confirmed some things I already knew and also hugely explained its things from childhood that I need to work on that will set fourth proper feelings and dealings moving forward.  The reading was so up beat and positive. It was like a light turned on in a dark room. I may have been able to see in the dark room with the lights off however turning on the light is of course no comparison! I can’t thank you enough Queen! BLESS YOU!!!!

~ Larry G. December 2021 [Personal Reading]

My reading was beyond great! Woman1sh_Intuition took the time to ask questions pertaining to my expectations of the reading. She made it clear that the readings are derived from the energy I radiate in the atmosphere and from my spirit guides. Throughout the reading, she gave spiritual advice on how to unblock blockages that we’re revealed through tarot and confirmed by me. Overall, I appreciated the teaching and messages received today.

~ Tiara G. June 2022 [Personal Reading]

I had so much fun in the Woman1sh Tarot class! I have been part of other trainings for tarot on Udemy that were basically foundational information about what each card represents and of course you hear the Fool’s Journey story to add some visualization to your understanding but those classes were boring and I never finished a single one… With Deneen each class is like meeting up for a virtual discussion with your friends where you are learning at the same time. The way she draws the symbolism out of you and allows your imagination to take the lead in making the connection for your understanding and long term knowledge is extremely skillful. She sends recordings for you to refer to at later times if you so desire and we did readings for each other. No one was forced to do anything they weren’t comfortable with but she does challenge you to step outside your comfort zone which had a perfect
balance to it. I loved the experience and will absolutely go through the course again as well as the more advanced offerings when they are available. Highly recommend!

Christee C, Jan 2020 [Tarot for Beginners]

“Everything she said was right ‘on point'”

~ Myra H, April 2021 [Facebook LIVE Tarot Pop Ups]

“I am thankful for Deneen for her professionalism & intimacy that she provided me with during my last reading. I was able to get clear instruction from spirit about how to move through one of my most transformational periods that I am currently experiencing. Her ability to tap in, but to also allow space for conversation was just what I needed. What I am most thankful for is the homework I have from the reading to continue to do my work. I trust that from this reading I am more confident in my ability to move through this season of my life and build my self esteem and self love up!
Thank you so much Deneen, Sistar, Queen!

~ Sharron, September 2021 [Personal Tarot Reading]

Good Day Deneen
You are the REAL DEAL!!! It was a pleasure speaking with you again for my follow up Tarot reading.  As I shared with you, I combined my Christian faith and personal therapy with your Tarot reading for my personal development. I’m so glad to be able to work with you.  Since my husband passed away, I’ve been putting in the work to make me a better all around person.  This reading helped me to confirm where I need to improve to obtain prosperity in the spiritual, financial and love areas of my life.  I left the reading with tasks which will assist with obtaining my personal goals.  It’s uncanny how today’s Tarot reading aligned with my personal therapy which means I’m on track to personal peace and a real love connection.  Looking forward to receiving more information on the Altar Routine program.  
I believe that a Tarot reading with Deneen is beneficial to any personal development/ self care routine.

~Diana D. November 2021 [Personal Reading]

I wasn’t sure what to expect but had high hopes that this reading would be a burst of clarity and light for me (more light than clarity according to the cards). Deneen came through! Her ability to keep it lighthearted and fun, but easy to understand and comprehensive was amazing. It opened my eyes and my spirit, so much so that I noticed various signs throughout the rest of the day. In particular 11:11 showing up in a few different places, which to my understanding means there are portals open. I took so many notes and have a great framework for steps to move forward on all the things we discussed. 
She is an absolute gem and I will be back for more readings! 

Anonymous , January 2022 [Personal Reading]


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