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Meet: Deneen Tyler BA MDiv

Peace Beautiful Soul and Welcome!

I’m Deneen Tyler BA MDiv. ~ Spiritual Wellness Practitioner at Woman1sh Intuition LLC. I’m an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Psychic and as such, I’m able to “tap into” a person’s auric field (the life force that surrounds all living things) and divine information which is communicated through me. I communicate the messages as I receive them and often have little control over the messages that flow through. READ MORE >>>>>>>>>>>>

I use Tarot Card Reading and other ancient healing practices coupled with the more commonly known Mental Health techniques to create sacred spaces for relationship healing” 

~ Deneen Tyler BA MDiv, Founder


This season Woman1sh Intuition is focusing on love relationships~ how to recognize them, how to cultivate them, how to heal them, how to create balance within them, how to separate from them, how to reconnect to them, how to enjoy them, etc.

The two specific types of relationships we’ll focus on are”

  1. Your love relationship with yourself
  2. Your love relationship with your Sacred Union Partner

Additional love relationships that my work could also help you create healing and balance within include:

  1. Your love relationship with your parents or caregiver
  2. Your love relationship with platonic soulmates such as friends, coworkers, etc.
  3. Your love relationship with your biological children (or children you have a maternal connect to but are not the biological parent for).

One on One ~ Personal Tarot Reading

Schedule a one on one personal Tarot Reading ~ Your 75 minute tarot reading will provide you with the insight you need to see clearly into your specific situation (i.e. love, career, finances, emotional blockages, etc.) . Each time you seek spiritual guidance, you trigger an “opening to Spirit”   that supports you as you receive clarity on where your energy might be blocked and what you need to focus on in order to clear and release the stagnant energy preventing you from realizing the answers you seek.  Schedule your appointment>>>>>>>>>

Relationship Courses

Now that we’ve identified where your energy is blocked and negatively impacting your relationship with yourself and others, its time to replace those toxic patterns with healthy, more balanced practices. Relationship courses are designed to equip you with relationship skills. Browse courses >>>>>>

Learn Tarot, Strengthen your Intuition

I can tell you (all day long) what I “see” in your aura/auric field regarding you and your energy, this is what I am trained to do and I genuinely enjoy this work. However, how much more amazing would it be if you were able to be your own Intuitive Tarot Reader and tap into your own energy body for guidance and clarity? Or to read for another Soul? Strengthen your own inner knowing / intuition by learning how to read tarot. Grab YOUR FREE COPY of “Now that I Purchased Tarot Cards, What do I do with Them?” ~ a study guide for new, aspiring Tarot Readers interested in learning the basics of Tarot Reading.

Self Love Sistar Social

Ongoing support within a community is equally as helpful along your self healing journey as a one time personal reading. Woman1sh Intuition has created an online sistar community where all members have access to daily inspiration, Tarot guidance, LIVE Zoom meetups during the New moon and the Full moon, as well as support from other Sistars committed to healing their relationship with themselves and others in their life. LEARN MORE about this sacred space>>>>>

Woman1sh AFTER DARK *New*

This community was created to help you RELAX. Ancient wisdom teaches us that when our body reaches a state of relaxation negative energy (that was trapped in our body) can be released. This online space offers sensual yoga/stretching videos and ASMR recordings designed to help Subscribers enter into relaxation. This community is NOT for teaching you yoga, all videos are strictly for your viewing and listening pleasure. SEE IF WOMAN1SH AFTER DARK IS FOR YOU >>>>

What Are Others Saying ?

You are amazing! I so appreciate the tarot reading you shared with me last week. It felt to me like therapy meets creative problem solving, which I found to be a powerful combo. The themes that came up in our time together resonated strongly with me. Thank you for sharing your intuitive gifts—the world needs you right now! I’m working on moving from reflection into the action phase… it was a much needed kick in the a#%!

― Kelly F, 2020 [Personal Tarot Reading]

I had so much fun in the Woman1sh Tarot class! I have been part of other trainings for tarot on Udemy that were basically foundational information about what each card represents and of course you hear the Fool’s Journey story to add some visualization to your understanding but those classes were boring and I never finished a single one… With Deneen each class is like meeting up for a virtual discussion with your friends where you are learning at the same time. The way she draws the symbolism out of you and allows your imagination to take the lead in making the connection for your understanding and long term knowledge is extremely skillful. She sends recordings for you to refer to at later times if you so desire and we did readings for each other. No one was forced to do anything they weren’t comfortable with but she does challenge you to step outside your comfort zone which had a perfect
balance to it. I loved the experience and will absolutely go through the course again as well as the more advanced offerings when they are available. Highly recommend!

― Christee C, Jan 2020 [Tarot for Beginners]


This is Woman1sh Intuition LLC.

Woman1sh Intuition LLC is creating online courses and virtual communities that help clients (re)connect to their intuition, inner knowing. 


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